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WordPressTheme Development

Theme development is the core of your website. This is the framework in which your site operates from. We employ the best practices outlined by WordPress and Automattic to build the best most robust theme we can. Whether it’s a base theme like Underscore, Astra or a custom theme.

When WordPress Gutenberg blocks don’t offer that real custom content management, authoring blocks is another great approach. It offers users the customized look along with ease when managing the content.

We have been maintaining WordPress sites for years now and have amassed a set of tools and processes that keep our WordPress sites malware and exploit free. If you are looking to have your site cleaned or protected, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Plugin development is vital when you have reach the peak of theme extensibility. It’s important that we take a bifurcated approach to the code and offer a solution that keep long-term benefits in mind.
Some site designs and sites require a more Full-site editing approach. Elementor is the industry standard when it comes to this. It offers sites both that refined and tailored look, while remaining manageable even with users who are new to WordPress.
We offer tailored WordPress hosting and domain management. This means you don’t have to worry about domain expiration, email and where you site is hosted.

App Dev Ecosystem

Application Development
Most business problem can be solved with a technical solution. We like to hear about what your needs are and how we can solve them. We understand that half the battle is solving the inherent problem, the other half is building it in a way that is maintainable. There are no surprises here and no employing dated technology. Only well supported and proved software is our first choice.
We approach molding an experience by considering the core user base. Highly interactive sites and animated are fun but get gimmicky very quickly. Content speed and delivery are our priority, while peppering in aesthetic to complete the circle.

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